EVS-EN 14056:2003 Laboratory furniture - Recommendation for design and installation
EVS-EN 13150:2020 Workbenches for laboratories. Dimensions, safety requirements and test methods
EN 13792 Color coding of taps and valves for use in laboratories
EN 12056 Gravity drainage systems inside buildings
EN 6101 Safety requirements for electrical equipment
EN ISO12543 Glass in building - Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Part 1: Definitions and description of component parts
DIN 12000 Graphic symbols and safety marking in laboratories
ISO 3864-1 Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Part 1: Safety signs in work places and public areas.
EN15154-1:2006 Laboratory emergency safety showers - Part 1: Plumbed-in body showers
EN15154-2:2006 Laboratory emergency safety showers - Part 2: Plumbed-in eye washes
EN 15154-3:2006 Emergency safety showers - Part 3: Non plumbed-in body showers
EN 15154-4:2006 Emergency safety showers - Part 4: Non plumbed-in eyewash units
EVS-EN 14175 Fume cupboards part 1 - 8
EVS-EN 14175-6 Fume cupboards - Part 6: Variable air volume fume cupboards
EVS-EN14175-5 Fume cupboards - Part 5: Recommendations for installation and maintenance
EN 14470- 2 Fire safety storage cabinets - Part 2: Safety cabinets for pressurised gas cylinders
EN 14470 Fire safety storage cabinets: Part 1 - Safety storage cabinets and flammable liquids
EN ISO 14644:1999 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments.
EN ISO 14698-1:2003 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments -Biocontamination control
BGR - 120 Guidelines for Laboratories (Germany)
DIN-1946-7 Ventilation systems in Laboratories
MMn RTL 2002, 751158 Nõuded gaasipaigaldisele ja gaasipaigaldise ehitamisele.
SOMm RTL 2004, 150 Hea laboritava nõuded ja kord.